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Foodnet expanded delivery services for individuals & households of all ages

Foodnet is available to provide emergency meals for individuals and households of all ages in need of temporary support during a quarantine or isolation period or while long term food services are being established. Click the link to learn about eligibility, referral process, availability and meal options: Foodnet Expanded Services

Foodnet’s Response to COVID-19September 2021

The safety of our participants, staff, and volunteers is of our greatest concern.  We continue to monitor information from our local health officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) related to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Out of an abundance of caution related to the virus, Foodnet Meals on Wheels has updated our precautions to ensure your safety.  Please note that as guidance evolves all precautions are subject to change.

  • All clients have the option to receive a 14-day supply of emergency meals to have on-hand in the event of a service disruption.
  • Starting on Monday, September 13th Foodnet will provide all meal deliveries without direct contact. Delivery staff will knock/ring the doorbell, step back and make sure your meal has been received.  If you do not answer the door, we will do our best to reach you by phone. If this method does not work for you, please let us know.
  • Congregate clients will continue to receive their meals in the Grab and Go style and those who received delivered meals will receive them in the same non-contact approach used by all staff delivering meals.
  • All home delivered meal routes will continue to receive 5 day/week deliveries.
  • Nutrition counseling, assessment and case management will continue to be provided by telephone.
  • Foodnet has increased all sanitation procedures. Drivers have hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to use during meal deliveries.
  • Visitors will be permitted in Foodnet’s central office following vaccination attestation, masking and distance requirements.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with someone with the illness, please contact your health provider and let the Foodnet office know at 607-266-9553.
  • If you have been notified that you have a positive COVID-19 test, have been asked to quarantine or self-isolate, please contact the Foodnet office immediately at 607-266-9553.

December 2022 Meals and Sandwich Menus

Individual Meal Plans

Adequate nutrition is essential for healthy aging, the prevention or delay of chronic disease and disease-related disabilities, and for improved quality of life. Almost 90% of older adults have a nutrition-related chronic disease or condition.  About 40% of community dwelling older adults have inadequate food and nutrient intake, which affects their health and ability to function independently. Foodnet Meals on Wheels offers a variety of meal delivery options and services that promote health, and well-being.

Eligibility for Home Delivered Meals

  1. Persons age 60 and over are eligible to receive home delivered meals if they are homebound due to accident, illness or frailty; lack adequate support of family friends or neighbors; and are unable to prepare meals because of any one of the following:
  • Lack of facilities such as refrigeration, stove, etc.
  • Inability to shop and cook for self
  • Inability to safely prepare meals
  • Lack of knowledge and skills
  1. The spouse of the homebound person, regardless of age or condition, is eligible to receive home delivered meals when the provision of a meal to the spouse is in the best interest of the homebound person.
  2. Non-elderly disabled individuals who reside in a non-institutional household with a person eligible to receive home delivered meals may also receive this service when the provision of the meal to the non-elderly disabled individual is in the best interest of the homebound elderly person.
  3. Other persons under age 60 are eligible to receive home delivered meals under the criteria listed in #1 above provided they purchase the meals under the Foodnet Select program or arrange for a third party to pay for the meals on their behalf.
  • Plan 1

    One hot meal per day Monday to Friday. Lunch or Dinner

    Try our easy and deliciously healthy meals!

    $40 per week
    or a voluntary contribution

  • Plan 2

    One hot meal per day Monday to Friday plus two frozen weekend meals. Lunch or Dinner

    Re-energize your body and mind with tasty and nutritious meals plus a little more for the weekend.

    $53 per week
    or a voluntary contribution

  • Plan 3

    One hot meal and one sandwich meal per day Monday to Friday. Lunch and Dinner

    Add more to your plate! Try our wholesome hot meals and a variety of sandwich meals Monday through Friday.

    $47.50 per week
    or a voluntary contribution

  • Plan 4

    One hot meal and one sandwich meal per day Monday to Friday plus two frozen weekend meals. Lunch and Dinner

    A deluxe plan to support your needs 7 days a week! Try our healthy hot meals, our variety of sandwich meals, plus 2 frozen meals for the weekend.

    $60.50 per week
    or a voluntary contribution


Any meal plan can be customized for 1 to 5 weekdays. We encourage clients to make a voluntary contribution towards their meals but no one is turned away because of inability to pay.

Nutrition Services

Foodnet Meals on Wheels has a full-time Registered Dietitian that provides menu planning, counseling, and education to help our clients meet their nutritional needs. As a Foodnet client, we focus on your health so that you can live as independently as possible. Nutrition services include:

  • Annual nutrition risk assessments, and nutrition education for our clients.
  • Individualized nutrition counseling sessions.
  • A meal service plan designed to meet your nutritional needs.
  • Modified diet accommodations, guidance, and instructions.
  • Coordination with your primary care physician and other community resources.

Nutrition Education

Discover the Nutritional Benefits of Buying Local (September 2021) – By Nicol Iori & Luiza Vierira, Cornell University Interns


Menu Planning

Foodnet’s recipes and menus are created by our Registered Dietitian, and Food Services Operations Manager to provide clients with healthy and satisfying choices.  All of our menus follow the latest American Dietetic Association guidelines, and include *one-third or *two-thirds of the daily Dietary Reference Intake of nutrients.  Foodnet’s meals are high in protein, low in salt and include moderate  sugar and fat.

*Hot meals equal one-third of the daily nutritional intake requirements

Group Dining

Seniors Doing Lunch!

Effective July 12, 2021, our Social Dining Rooms have been transitioned to “Grab & Go” style meals. Meals require a reservation and are available for pick up 11am-12:30pm at Titus Towers and Center Village Court.  Tompkins County residents age 60 and older are eligible for services and individuals under 60 who are residents of either Titus Towers or Center Village Court. Call us for more information: 607-266-9553

Community Meals Locations

Titus Towers Nutrition Program (Monday-Friday)
800 S. Plain St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Groton Nutrition Program (Monday-Friday)
Center Village Court
200 W. South St.
Groton, NY 13073

Eligibility for Congregate Meals:
  1. Anyone 60 years of age or over is eligible to participate. The spouse of an eligible individual, regardless of age, is eligible to participate.
  2. Individuals under age 60 can receive the meals at full cost, with private insurance, or by volunteering during mealtime.
  3. Individuals living with a disability under the age of 60 that reside in a senior housing apartment where the meal is provided are also eligible.
  4. Non-elderly individuals living with a disability who reside in a non-institutional household with and accompany a person eligible for congregate meals shall be provided a meal on the same basis that meals are provided to volunteers.
  5. Volunteers under age 60 who provide congregate or home delivered meal services during meal time are eligible to receive a meal and may voluntarily contribute to its cost.

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